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Dr Pranjali V. Gadgil 
Breast Cancer Surgeon & Breast Disease Specialist
MBBS. American Board of Surgery 
Fellow in Breast Diseases, USA.

Dr Pranjali Gadgil's

Breast Clinic

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Dr Pranjali Gadgil is a US fellowship-trained Breast Surgeon practicing in Pune, India.

Dr Pranjali Gadgil, Breast Surgeon, Pune
MBBS. Diplomat of American Board of Surgery.
Fellow in Breast Diseases, USA.
Breast Clinic Services

Dr Pranjali Gadgil's practice interests include diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, breast surgery, breast ultrasound, breast biopsy, fibroadenomas and cysts, breast pain, genetic counselling for family history of breast cancer, advice on screening mammography and risk reduction.

Expert consultation with a Breast Surgeon

Breast Surgeon, Dr Pranjali Gadgil, specialises in diagnosis and treatment of all breast problems, benign and malignant. She is an American Board Certified Surgeon and is a Fellow in Breast Diseases.

Under her care, you can expect accurate diagnostics, advanced modern-day surgical treatment, and compassionate care. She loves to spend time with her patients and is always happy to answer all questions you and your may family have.

Accurate Diagnostics

An accurate diagnosis is the first step, yet this experience can be tedious. Mammography reports are often confusing, FNACs can be false negative, surgical biopsies are often unnecessary and disadvantageous. 

Dr Gadgil has trained in breast ultrasound and image guided minimally invasive biopsy techniques which she performs herself and can provide you with a diagnosis you can trust. Click here to watch a video of breast biopsy 

Genetic Counselling

Genetic Testing for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer is becoming increasingly available and affordable to patients in India. All genetic testing should be preceded by a counselling session with an expert to know the implications of a positive or negative result. Dr Gadgil can guide you about whether you need such testing, how to go about this process and how best to use this information in decreasing your risk. To read Dr Gadgil's write-up on genetic testing click here.

Breast Cancer Treatment Planning

Breast Cancer Treatments can be overwhelmingly complex. With vast amounts of research data available, newer treatments and guidelines emerge everyday. Dr Gadgil collaborates with her team to works out an individualised treatment plan designed for you. To learn more click here.

Contact and Directions

Address: 3. Bhagyashree Apts, 839/2 Shivajinagar, BMCC Road, Pune, Maharashtra, 411004.


Monday Wednesday Friday: 10 am to 2pm

Appointments:  +91-8788090655

Address:  Near Prathamesh Park,
Pimple Nilakh Road, Baner,
Pune, Maharashtra, 411 045 


Tuesday Thursday Saturday : 2pm to 4pm

Appointments: 020-27992799/ 020-27992140

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