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Why are women letting their cancers grow?

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

I wouldn't be surprised to see more than the usual number of breast cancers, in October- after all its breast cancer awareness month & there's a lot of campaigning around mammography and early detection that happens for "Pinktober". So I may pick up more cancers than I'd have otherwise seen- and thats perhaps fair.

June, on the other hand is bringing in more cancers for a set of reasons far more worrisome . A lot of these are cancers that should have been picked up in March, April or May. These are often patients who have neglected a breast lump, and in some cases even ignored a mammogram advising biopsy. Now what might be more important that you you ask?

"In March, the kids had exams" "I didn't want to upset them during their study" says a young mom.

"In April and May the kids had vacations and we had made travel plans- didn't want to have something like cancer to ruin that for the family", says another.

Need I be telling someone

" A delay in diagnosis, may affect your survival"

" Your kids sure would choose your life over a grade or even a whole school year"

"Your family will gladly forgo 2 vacations in hope to have you around for the next 10 years!"

These women have been prioritising family to a point that they no longer actually are!

"You have felt this lump for 6 months now, what prompted you to come in today?" I ask a 60 year old. "My daughter was visiting me during summer vacation and she insisted I get myself checked. I thought I'd wait till they had left, so it wouldn't spoil their stay"

The focus of awareness camps has been to improve "self breast awareness". If this has to work we need to figure out how to improve women's self worth and their ability to make intelligent decisions, at a more generic level.

PS: What I mean is, "Stop being stupid, women!"

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